What Every Parent Needs To Know About Camps

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Camps are out for your money and that is what they are all about. They are not the welfare of your child but about getting you to pay them as much as possible.

Sports camps have become BIG business!  You have no idea of how many have approached me about wanting to buy www.KickingCamps.com so they could make all they money they can from you.  I personally have rejected all the offers and am working to make time to make Kicking Camps FREE for kids of all ages.  All kids should be able to have the opportunity to learn kicking and punting skills at no cost.  This is a long and hard endeavour and the only way we can do this is by sponsorships from businesses and schools who will let us come and offer FREE instruction.

We will NOT profit from ANY camp we conduct.

My name is Skip Dreibelbis and I learned how to kick at first on my own from watching kickers and punters in college and the NFL.  I went to one kicking camp to learn how to kick and much to my surprise I found that I could do it well.  I learned to kick barefoot by a kicker from Maine University named Jack Leone.  At the camp I was not even going to try in the competition but I figured why not.  Everyone was given two attempts from 55 yards.  I made my first attempt.  There were only three of us who made it from 55 yards.  I was the youngest just finishing my Sophmore year in high school.  The other two were seniors.  We only had one attempt from 60 yards.  One kid made it, the other missed and my kick hit the crossbar and bounced back.  It was then that I realized that I had an opportunity to do somthing with kicking.  I went on and the summer before my Senior year at Penn State's kicking camp I was making field goals form 68 yards and could not quite hit from 70 yards.  This led me to be recurited to Penn State.  The summers I worked out with Massimo Manca and John Bruno and they became good friends and mentors.  I was blessed to be a member of the National Championship Football team at Penn State and watch Massimo help lead Penn State to victories by making field goals and kicking off through the endzone.

Since my time at Penn State I've coached many young athletes at all levels and I've always done this for FREE.  It has been my way of giving back to the sport and position I enjoyed playing.  I've been able to see kids go from never kicking a football all the way through their senior year and being recruited through college football and trying to break into the NFL.

Now that I'm an "old man" I still love being able to coach kids kicking and punting footballs.  My concern for you parents is to not be taken by these coaches and camps that promise you the world.  Many promise that they will recommend your child to be recruited to a myriad of Universities and Colleges and that they have the "connections"...  These people are bearing false witness to both you and your child!  Your child's talent will speak for itself.  Good technique, consistency and being able to kick the long ball are what gets kids recruited to schools.  I remember back when I was at the Penn State kicking camp and we were doing film review by coach Fran Ganter.  He played the video of me kicking and said, "This is the technique we are looking for..."  It was all part of the equation of how I was recruited.  Learning the right technique is essential.  Unfortunately, there are some out there trying to re-invent kicking and their methods are actually causing injury because they are not considering and applying Kinesiology (the scientific study of human movement. Kinesiology addresses physiological, mechanical, and psychological mechanisms) to kicking and punting the football.

The best thing for your child is to learn the basic fundamentals of kicking and punting and how to properly train on and off the field.  Remember, it is NOT the kicking shoes you wear (I learned barefoot), the clothes you wear or what camp you go to that gets you there.  A teachable heart, work ethic and endurance are not just skills needed to be successful in life but especially kicking and punting.  All kickers and punters are perfectionists (at least the ones who are serious about it are).  They are never satisfied with "good enough" but want perfection in every aspect of the kicking and punting process.  It is a hard discipline to master and does not come easy.

If you would like to talk further about kicking and punting and helping your child reach their potentail and goals contact us anytime.

Wishing you all the best of Providence.

Skip Dreibelbis

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